Dear reader,

«True creativity is the balance between love and will.»

– Unknown author

Welcome to the International Institut for Sexological Bodywork. This year we celebrate our 10th anniversary. It is wonderful to see how our vision became reality. And how reality surpasses our vision by far.

We never would have dared to dream that, through our work, we might be able to accompany so many people on their journey, or that so many allow themselves to be touched and inspired by our work. 

The term „work“ is chosen deliberately here. Learning and personal development don't just happen. It is not fate or luck whether we lead a fulfilled life. It is work in the true meaning of the word. But work that is worth the effort. Work that contributes to a high quality of life and brings much joy into our daily lives. 

Towards this, we need the will to invest in our own development, our own lives. But will alone would be a construct devoid of meaning. Contact and love for ourselves and for others is what creates meaning in our lives. 

Sexological Bodywork, tantric massages, Lomi Lomi massages and other forms of bodywork are wonderful opportunities for this, as intention-free touch takes you on a sensual journey which connects body, mind and soul. We feel seen as whole human beings. And although this journey is joyful for the givers as well as the receives of the massage, it is also about working on oneself. The work is in consciously experiencing the massages and processes to prevent them from being only an experience. But in this case, the learning is is an erotic exploration towards oneself.

“I don’t think of it as working for world peace he said. I think of it as just trying to get along in a really big strange family.” 

– from the painting “Big Strange Family”

Yes, we marvel and rejoice in the face of the wonderful and unlimited diversity of this family of humankind. And we are often asked why we do this. What is our vision? On the one hand, we always take joy in experiencing people who discover themselve anew. How they change their lives and live their daily lives in happier and more fulfilled ways. But there is also a broader component which we do not regard as a burden, but an extension: We believe that this work will fundamentally change our society. 

When people are fully connected with themselves and with others, many things will change on this planet. This includes the way we are with each other, with nature and with our sexuality. This may be utopian right now, but there are more and more of us. And this goes for all of our school's teachers in their very own special ways: we work towards a better and more peaceful world!

School Management: Janine Hug and Didi Liebold