The Feminine Fountain Workshop with Deborah Sundahl

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Workshop in English with translation into German

Expand your knowledge.

Feel your full sexual potential.   

The G-spot has a different nerve than the clitoris. This orgasm is emotional by nature. G-spot orgasms are wildly passionate or melting with love. Female ejaculation is an integral part of this intense release of physical sensations and emotional feelings. Your body floods with nourishing and bonding hormones. Afterward, You feel happy and life feels alive again.   


You have walked through a gateway to your erotic soul.  


In this workshop, you begin this journey with your G-spot. You understand exactly how female ejaculation works in your body. You learn facts about the G-spot, facts about female ejaculation. You discover the G-spot's location in your body.  You learn how female ejaculation is built, stored and released. You experience practices that will empower you.  Your ultra-feminine fountain will flow freely and your G-spot orgasm will roll your soul. 


Experience for yourself

the unique transformation

that the G-spot awakening

offers all women.  


In the workshop women touch a deep part of their sexual selves. Any emotional or physical sexual obstacles you are carrying will get revealed. Gently, easily, safely by your own hand, under your control, guided by Deborah Sundahl's facilitation. You learn how to heal these through the G-spot. You learn to female ejaculate through this same process. Then, the gateway opens. Another pathway to pleasure is created, another level of aliveness is met, a broader scope of erotic sensations arise in your body. The G-spot is made to be your guide in this process, and you will learn why that is, and how that works. 

I look forward to working with you. Until then,

Let It Flow!


Course Fee
CHF 390.00

Early Bird Discount

Until two month before the workshop: CHF 50.00

Deborah Sundahl has taught thousands of women and men throughout North America and Europe through her seminars, lectures, videos and her seminal book what female ejaculate and the G-spot orgasm is and how to do it. Her 30 years of researching the science and ancient history, and teaching the practical applications on this essential subject offer groundbreaking contributions to the field of female sexuality, and specifically sex education. 
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