Tantric Massage In-Depth Course (Level 2)

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On this weekend, you will focus more deeply on tantric massage. Embedded in a wonderful massage ritual, new elements of touching are brought in. We will spend a lot of time practicing familiar and new massage techniques, and it is possible to experiment yourself with variations in the massage and to design these in creative and enriching ways.

Furthermore, we will devote ourselves to external anal and pelvic floor massage. It is unbelievably relaxing and, through intimacy, enables an intensive opening up and experiencing on the bodily and spiritual levels. As a final climax of the massage, you will learn the big draw, the orgiastic alternative to orgasm.

Additional important elements of this course are meditation and breathing exercises that enable the formation of intensive sexual energies in the body in order to experience the path to ecstasy.

Course content

- Yoni/Lingam massage
- External anal and pelvic floor massage
- Breathing techniques with big draw
- Meditation exercises
- Tantric massage ritual with big draw


CHF 490.00

Early booker discount

With booking more than 2 months before the beginning of the course: CHF 50.00
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