Sexological Bodywork

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Sexological Bodywork

Does your idea of life include a fulfilled sexuality?

Do you regard sexuality as a field of exploration, with endless possibilities for learning and development?

Would you like to accompany others in developing their sexuality?

Learn more about this new profession!

What is Sexological Bodywork?

Sexological Bodywork is a vivid, creative and very effective way of somatic learning that connects body-focused sex coaching with sexological bodywork.

This new body-focused approach intends to open spaces for exploration in which people can learn more about their sexuality, their intimate relations and their individual eroticism.

Using different methods including touch, breath work, movement and communication, Sexological Bodywork supports individuals, couples and groups towards greater embodiment and a more authentic expression of their sexuality.

We focus on:

•   Deepening the capacity to perceive body sensations and living a body-connected sexuality (erotic embodiment), 

•   Establishing deeper intimacy in sexual encounters, and living them more authentically (erotic self-validation)

•   Living and regulating sexual experiences more consciously (sexual empowerment)

Sexological Bodyworkers accompany people in learning to perceive their physical sensations more consciously. They also help in exploring new possibilities to integrate sexual freedom and intimacy into our lives.

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