Tantra Intensive - 6 Day Workshop with Justine Baruch

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This intensive is a chance for us to honestly and vulnerably explore our sexuality in a safe group space. Our blockages around sexuality come from beliefs that we have taken on from societal programming and personal interactions, as well beliefs that we have developed from experiences that we have had. The hurt has happened from our relations and in this intensive we are going to work on healing and opening together. With the love, acceptance and empathy that we can provide for one another we will find the courage and clarity to dive deep into our sexuality and unleash the energy that has been trapped and stagnant.


SAFE CONTAINER - We will first build the container as we work together on how to hold space for each other with love, acceptance and empathy. We will strengthen this container with investigating topics such as boundaries, authenticity, and transparency. We will explore together the blockages we have around saying no and the impact of living inauthentically.


THE IMPORTANCE OF SEXUAL ENERGY – Our sexuality is intimately connected to the seen and unseen aspects of ourselves. Our energy levels, degree of satisfaction in life, physical and emotional health, and quality of relationship(s) are all intertwined with our sexual energy. By opening up our sexual potential, we open to a more fulfilling life.


A TANTRIC MENTALITY - A tantric mentality is one in which in embraces and engages with the world. It seeks to integrate various aspects of one’s being and life. As we embrace our sexuality with a Tantric mentality, we will be confronting that which we do not want to see, see that which we think we are not and want to keep separate from ourselves. The Tantric path is one of integration: body and mind, logic and emotion, material and spiritual and monism and dualism.


Rituals and teachings survive when they have the flexibility to adapt to the times. Currently, most of what is being taught under the name of Tantric sexuality, is a collection of sexology and psychology mixed with spiritual principles. Thus, I want to call it like it is. This intensive is a combination of modern teachings and meditative techniques and practices. We will be approaching sexuality from a Tantric mentality by applying the principles to the way we use and interact with sexual energy.



  • Create a safe space for healing and opening our sexual energy.

  • Understand the importance of sexual energy and its influence on our life.

  • Bring awareness to shame and inhibitions around sexuality, and where our energy is trapped.

  • Look at the ways in which we use and misuse our sexuality.

  • Cultivate skills and presence to enjoy the making love.



  • Dance

  • Felt sense

  • The Work of Byron Katie

  • Exercises

  • Meditations

  • Breathing


PARTICIPANTS: This intensive is open to singles and couples, all genders and sexual orientations.


ATTENTION: This is a workshop for people who are wanting to challenge their comfort zone and look deeper inside themselves and their beliefs. There will be nudity in this workshop. There will always be the option of sitting out of an exercise.

Justine Baruch


CHF 900.00

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