Practitioner Training Female Ejaculation and the G-Spot

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Focus: Learn to work adequately with female ejaculation and the female prostate (G-spot) on clients in a bodywork or clinical session.This one day workshop for practitioners is in-person with Deborah Sundahl. 

Learn appropriate application for clients of the techniques that you learned in the Feminine Fountain Workshop or Female Ejaculation and the G-spot Webinar. A 25 hr. certificate of competency in Foundational Coursework in Female Ejaculation and the G-spot for Practitioners is given upon completion of a workshop or webinar, plus this one-day Practitioner course, and demonstrated competency.

More Info:

This coursework and certification course with Deborah Sundahl will provide a firm foundation suitable for practitioners who desire to teach and/or serve clients in understanding and mastering female prostate pleasure and female ejaculation.

In the weekend workshop, you located, assessed and awakened the sensitivity of your own G-spot and learned how to female ejaculate via class instruction, personal practice sessions and group discussion and support. In this 10-hour foundational certification course, Deborah Sundahl will teach you how to most effectively bring that information out into the world via your bodywork practice, clinical practice and even your friends and family. You will learn techniques for clients who desire to awaken the sensations of their G-spot and how to female ejaculate, as well as how to have G-spot orgasms.

Information taught in the weekend workshop will be reviewed and expanded upon for teaching and practitioner techniques, such as Prostate Anatomy, Pelvic Floor Muscle Basics and Vulva Self-Love and Care. You will learn communication techniques to coach a client. You will come away knowing what specific steps you can take to integrate this information into your practice. Knowing this in a concrete way is very empowering and exciting! There will be time throughout the 10-hour day for group discussion, pair practice sessions to identify the female prostate anatomy on another (optional), and personal time for questions and direction with Deborah.


*How to Coach a Client to Find Her Own G-spot

*Vulva Self-Love and Care Practices for a Client

*Review Pelvic Floor Muscles Basics and Prostate Anatomy

*Awaken Client G-spot Sensitivity with Gentle and Supportive Techniques

*How to Coach a Client in G-spot Awakening Techniques

*Assess a Client’s Ability to Master a G-spot Orgasm and Determine How to Aid Her Success.

*Assess a Client’s Ability to Master Female Ejaculate and Coach Through Obstacles

*How to (and When) To Locate The G-spot on a Client


25 Hr. Female Ejaculation and the G-spot Foundational Coursework Certificate of Competency (workshop or webinar + practitioner training day)

CHF 280.00


Bei Buchung des gesamten Pakets - Vortrag, Wochenend-Workshop und Practitioner Training: CHF 635.00 anstelle von CHF 705.00

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