Finding the Sweet Spot: The Lover's Touch

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Mmm, that glorious moment when we are giving (or getting) exactly the touch that feels good on our body!  Sometimes we find that “sweet spot” spontaneously, but more often, we find it through clear communication and feedback.

How many of us say “yes” to things we don’t actually want out of guilt or a fear of losing connection? Most of us! In this class practice another way to give and get sensual touch that feels safe and welcomed.  Charla’s short, structured activities (the 3 Minute Game) help you ask for what you want, give verbal feedback, and respond yes or no to other’s requests with greater ease. All touching in this class is non-sexual and clothes remain on. You never have to touch or be touched by anyone except who you choose. You may choose to observe and learn that way. All choices are honored.

In this class, you get back into the ‘driver’s seat’ of your body and find out how to get what you want and nothing more. Students often remark, “I could feel more. I didn’t have to worry about guessing or getting it right. Everything slowed down.” Practicing clear boundaries wakes up your skin, expands your options and empowers your confidence! It’s a workshop for friends, lovers, teachers, mind and body therapists, and erotic educators!  

The Sweet Spot workshop is for you if:

  • You know there is something deeper in sex, and are looking to find it
  • You love and care for each other, but can’t quite find the key to loving your love life
  • You’re a better giver than receiver; you feel vulnerable receiving 
  • Your pleasure comes from giving to others because it’s hard to access your own pleasure
  • You want to feel more alive and spontaneous in your body!


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