Erotic Massage: Surrender into Pleasure

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Charla Hathaway, author of Erotic Massage, Sensual Touch for Deep Pleasure and Extended Arousal (available in 7 languages), brings her unique teaching style of sensual massage to Europe for the first time. Mmm, that glorious moment when you are getting exactly the touch you want, how sweet! Turns out finding this ‘sweet spot’ is more about clear communication than any fancy strokes!  Who knew? 

It’s easy to find a video of snazzy strokes for sexy body parts, but if that’s not what the ‘receiver’ wants, it’s not so hot. This class is about finding out what the receiver wants. It may sound simple, but it rarely happens. And on the other side—when you are on the table, how do you know what you want, much less trust it and communicate it?  I cover that too. Yes, it’s possible, you can actually get just what you want and nothing more—each time! Don’t worry, I’ll even include some fancy strokes, on live models—male and female!  

This workshop is right for you if you ever ‘go along’ with receiving touch that may be close, but not exactly what you want. You’ll connect in new ways that feel safe, sexy and successful. Ahh, now you can relax and feel more pleasure, joy, and WOW, more intimacy! 

This class includes nudity and sexual touch. It is intended only for those who are *already* comfortable with nudity in a group setting. Nothing is required. You may keep some of your clothes on for the entire time (including your time on the table) or not, and you may choose to be touched in whatever way you like – sexual or not. The workshop is excellent for everyone, single or paired, who desires more touch in their life; it’s also great for therapists, sex educators, bodyworkers, surrogate partners, and Sexological Bodyworkers.


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